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We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

We all need support through the most important period of our children: the early years

Florence Community Schools have a strong connection to the neighbourhoods and villages. We believe that education should reflect the community’s progress and help further it.

In order to establish a friendly and cooperative learning atmosphere, we actively collaborate with parents, local organisations, and chief of the villages.

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Join us at Florence Community Schools and be a part of a vibrant learning community that values education, unity, and service. Together, let’s shape the future of Timor Leste by nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Enroll your child today and embark on an educational journey that embraces excellence, inclusivity, and the principles of the Baha’i Faith. Contact us now to learn more and schedule a visit to our school.


Florence was a teacher in Australia. She loved teaching children and helping the needy in her community. In 1954, Florence and her husband Harold left their comfortable life in Australia and moved to what was then Portuguese Timor.

Florence found Timor to be beautiful and Timorese very friendly. She wrote that people mix well with all races and classes and felt in her heart that Timor was “God’s island”.
She started to teach English in her home. Florence and her husband helped the sick and needy.

The study of the English language enabled some of her students to go and work as nurses in Darwin and Brisbane in Australia. This is the work we aim to continue.

Founder & Head of School

At Florence Community Schools, we are proud to have a team of dedicated and passionate faculty and staff who are committed to the educational and personal growth of our students. Our team plays a vital role in creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment, fostering the development of future leaders.

By having trained teachers in the remotest parts of Timor-Leste, we hope to educate children in all parts of the country.

Dr. Vahideh Hosseini

Welcoming Campus

Our schools are designed with the safety and well-being in mind. We maintain a nurturing environment where students feel comfortable, respected, and valued.


Our small library and resource center provide students with access to a diverse range of books, reference materials, and digital resources.

Outdoor Spaces

Our school features outdoor spaces, including playgrounds and sports facilities, where students can engage in recreational activities, team sports, and develop physical fitness.

Community Engagement

We actively collaborate with community organizations, local experts, and parents to provide enriching experiences and learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Meet the teachers

Experts in giving your children best start

Carminda da Costa


Elias Noronha

Resource Person

Candida Maria Noronha

Assistant Teacher

Elias Noronha

Resource Person

Iance Nessi

Assistant Teacher

Carminda da Costa


What parent say

As a parent, I couldn’t be prouder of the growth I have witnessed in my child since joining Florence Community Schools. Not only has my child grown academically, but she has also become a compassionate, responsible, and confident.

Natercia da Costa

More than just a joyful place

Our curriculum follows the national educational standards while incorporating international best practices.