Florence Community Schools – A safe and joyful place for our lovely children

Welcome to Florence Community Schools where we are nurturing Future Leaders in Timor-Leste!

At Florence Community Schools, we believe that education is the key to transforming individuals and communities. Our schools provides a unique learning environment that fosters the holistic development of young minds in a community setting.


We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

We value open and effective communication between parents and teachers. Our school utilizes various platforms for parent-teacher communication, including emails, parent-teacher conferences, and online portals.

We help you stay connected with your child’s progress, upcoming assignments, and any important announcements.

Daily activities

Designed to help children realize their potential

Holistic Development

Our schools address the emotional, social, physical, moral, and academic needs of students in an integrated learning atmosphere. Our focus is placed on positive school environments and providing whole-child supports. Students will be encouraged to reflect on their actions and how they impact the local, their country and global community. Our teachers are trained to engage the students in reflective and independent thinking as well as the ability to resolve problems and make decisions.

Accessible Education

We are committed to providing high-quality education at an affordable cost, ensuring that all preschool children in Timor Leste have equal opportunities to receive a well-rounded education.

English Medium

We recognize the importance of English as a global language in today’s interconnected world. Our school offers an English and their native language Tetum medium curriculum, providing students with the language skills necessary to study and work in different settings.

Global citizenship

Our students will learn to respect different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives by developing a sense of global citizenship and oneness among all people.

Local Trained Teachers

We believe in the power of local educators who understand the unique needs and challenges of their communities. Our knowledgeable and skilled teachers are dedicated to nurturing each student, to become leaders with a global outlook.

Raising Future Leaders

Our ultimate goal is to nurture future generations who will be equipped with knowledge, skills, and a strong sense of moral purpose. Through our curriculum and extracurricular activities, we inspire our students to be agents of positive change, actively contributing to the betterment of their communities and society as a whole.

Living in Timor-Leste for over a decade, our teachers and I are passionate about closing the 70% gap of our nations grade one students who don’t currently meet basic learning outcomes.

Dr Vahideh Hosseini

Founder & Head of Schools